"Unruly Spirits"
Gracie sulks.


Season 1 Episode 5

Directed by

Andy Cadiff

Written by

David Regal

Production code


Original air date

October 31, 2001

"Unruly Spirits" is the fifth episode of "According to Jim."


Gracie has pushed Cheryl's buttons one too many times, and as punishment, she is not allowed to go trick-or-treating


Gracie jumps off the stairs even though she was told not to because she could hurt herself.

Meanwhile, Andy is sent a gift at work. Inside is a doll of him with a knife through its back. When he stays after at work, he receives a phone call from a woman named Claudia, claiming that Andy dated her 5 years ago. She’s clearly angry and resentful that he didn’t call her, which is made more apparent when she pages him and comments on his Halloween costume, e-mails him with the message “Claudia loves Andy,” and faxes him weird pictures.

At home, Jim must stay with a sulking Gracie. Feeling bad for her, Jim decides to go to at least one house with her. However, they went to more houses than the expected and were unable to beat Cheryl home.

The next morning, Andy appears without a shirt, saying that he slept in the back room because he fears the stalker will appear at his place. When he leaves the room, Dana tells Jim and Cheryl that she’s playing a prank on Andy and that she is the “stalker.” Upstairs, Gracie is still jumping on the stairs, even breaking a lamp in the process. Jim punishes her by not letting her go to a friends birthday party. However, Cheryl makes Jim undo his punishment because the girl has only two friends and the her parents will hate them. So in exchange, her new punishment is that she can’t go to soccer. But because they are receiving trophies, they have to switch it to karate, but Gracie apparently hates it, so she has to go instead. With no other ideas left, Jim and Cheryl force Gracie to return to the houses they trick-or-treated at and make her return her candy.

At night, Andy decides to confront Claudia. Of course, she has no idea why he’s there so she calls the cops. When the cop brings him to Jim and Cheryl’s house, Dana admits to Andy that she was pulling a prank on him. The cop then takes Dana with him to the station instead of Andy. When they leave, it turns out that Andy and Cheryl are pulling a prank on Dana.


Principle Cast-Edit

Guest Stars-Edit

  • Michael McManus- Ben
  • Ken Magee- Police Officer
  • Steven Pierce- Fred
  • Soleil Borda- Emma