The Cat Came Back

Season 1, Episode 3
Air date October 17, 2001
Written by Tracy Gamble
Directed by Andy Kadiff
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"The Cat Came Back" is the third episode of According to Jim. It aired on October 17, 2001.


Jim is tasked with burying Cheryl's cat Mr. Feeney after he dies. However, hoping to make it on time to a Chicago Bears game, Jim takes a half-assed approach and puts him in a freezer in the garage.


While Jim gets ready for a Chicago Bears game, Cheryl is looking for her cat, Mr. Feeney. Tagging along with him are Andy and Dana, who are as pumped about the game as he is. Unfortunately, their car ride to the stadium is interuppted by Cheryl, who informs him that Mr. Feeney has died.

When they return home, Dana takes a box and blanket up to his litterbox, where he died, to wrap him. While she does that, Cheryl recommends to Jim that they take a few minutes to say goodbye to Mr. Feeney, after which Cheryl takes the kids to the park and asks Jim to bury him. Jim accepts this request and tells Andy and Dana to go ahead with out him. However, his desire to be at the game gets the better of him and he decides to put the cat in a freezer in the garage and bury him when he returns. But while getting popsicles for the girls, Cheryl discovers him, much to her shock.

As soon as he returns, Cheryl forces him to admit what he did, and when he tries to justify it, he makes things worse. That night, after a failed discussion with his band, Jim brings home a dog, hoping to make things right. This only makes her even more upset. Jim asks her why she's so angry, to which she tells him because he wasn't there for her. She goes on to explain that Mr. Feeney was the last thing she had left from before she became a wife and mother. Jim, feeling bad, offers to finish digging, but she wants him to leave her alone.

Later that night, as Cheryl puts the girls to bed, she tells them the story about how she got Mr. Feeney and inadvertently tells them that he was named after her boyfriend at the time, David Feeney. Outside she can hear a harmonica playing "Amazing Grace." She and the girls go to the window and see Jim playing for the buried Mr. Feeney. As he, Andy and Dana start singing, Cheryl, Ruby and Gracie come out and join them.

As they go to bed, Jim asks Cheryl where the name for Mr. Feeney came from, a question Cheryl doesn't want to answer.


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  • Interestingly enough, David Feeney is the name of one of the executive story editors.