First Appearance

"Jim Almighty"

Last Appearance

"Heaven Opposed to Hell"

Portrayed by

Lee Majors

God is the benevolent ruler of heaven and the enemy of the devil. He has appeared twice, once to teach Jim a lesson and once as his judge when he dies (briefly).

Appearance Edit

God, at least as he appears to Jim, is aged (at least 65), dressed in a white suit and wears a cowboy hat.

Personality Edit

God is compassionate, all-knowing and thus keeps a calm visage in every situation. He shows almost no emotion on the show and never seems angry, having never snapped or yelled at someone, at least on the show. However, one exception would be when Jim said that God won't let him try a third time to perfect women because he was afraid that Jim would do better than him. And even in that case God kept a cool head and merely threatned to "Go Old Testament" on him.

Trivia Edit

  • God's powers only work when he snaps with his right hand.
  • The Cubs will never win in Jim's lifetime.
  • In a fight, God can take Superman and Chuck Norris but not Oprah.