Cheryl and Gaylord

"Father Disfigured" is actually the eight episode of According to Jim.

Plot Edit

On Saturday afternoon while in the kitchen where Cheryl is comforting Ruby besides criticism from Gracie about Jim pulling out a stubborn loose baby tooth with a piece of string, after the procedure is finally finished causing her to freak out after looking at her baby tooth for the first time, and she starts to cry about the pain. The next morning when Cheryl is about ready to finally take the family to church, while she is actually hoping to get Kyle into the daycare program, and Jim is actually in his underwear now watching the Chicago Bears pregame show. Dana finally shows up all excited about meeting the new reverend, Andy changes his mind now wanting to stay home in order the football game finally taking off his pants, and Jim finally changes his mind about going to church. When the family finally arrives at church just in time for the early morning service, Andy now tries pull an elderly woman's hair thinking it's a wig, and Jim is actually surprised to find out that their new reverend is actually Gaylord Pierson a former Lincoln Elementary School classmate who had earned the nickname Beaky after getting hit in the face over calling a timeout during a game of dodgeball in gym class.

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in order to watch the Chicago Bears versus Philadelphia Eagles game.

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